Monday, 30 December 2013

Boulder Brighton avec ma fille.

December 27th 2013

My daughter Laura travelled from the land of climbing (Provence) to spend the Christmas week with us. So to burn off some calories we had a trip to Boulder Brighton. A number of families had the same idea  so the venue was busy with youngsters having a great time. Climbing seems to come naturally to children who often excel on climbing walls: I loved climbing as a boy and fondly remember spending hours up a tree pretending I was Tarzan. You rarely see this nowadays as a child up a tree is probably frowned upon as corrupting the natural environment or contravening some health and safety rule. So its a good job we have climbing walls to enable the young to work off their natural tendencies.

To stimulate the little grey cells we started with  coffee in the little bar next to the reception desk. We noticed a great image of Tryfan on the wall and I remembered scrambling up the north ridge with Stephen last winter in freezing temperatures.

 After a warm up on the table tennis table we got down to the business in hand with some simple routes and as usual more experienced 'regulars' were willing to offer help if we needed it.

You can see one of the yellow routes above.

Laura on a yellow and black route

After an hour our bodies could take no more so we decided to head for the centre of Brighton for refuelling at Wagamamas. The most extreme route of the day proved to be negotiating the traffic on the seafront and the labyrinthine one way system leading to the multistory car park!

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